Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I hope this makes sense.

As part of the Modern Stash Bee it is my turn to find a block for the hive to make and I have chosen a cracker made by Janine over at Running Hare Quilts. Its called Twirling Asterisk which is a brilliant name too! I thought it was pretty stunning but as part of the bee I have needed to pull together a tutorial. I have found this quite scary, as the rest of the girls in the bee are real pro's and I was afraid my insructions would be too obvious. Equally though I wanted to write it so that a newcomer could follow easily too, so its been a very tricky balance. As I've not done this before I am going to sit back now and let you all to be as critical as possible of the instructions please. It is a bit of a learing curve for me but I am really keen to write some more so I need as much help as I can get.
Hope you like the block by the way. I am really excited to see what my bee buddies make of it and what turns up via flickr and ultimately the postie. The tutorial can be found here..... and please give me lots of feed back