Sunday, 22 May 2016

Spring's whisper

Its been a busy six weeks since my last post, with the most ridiculously busy time at the day job, but today I finally sat down and put the binding on my "Spring's Whisper" quilt. It's only a little lap quilt, at 40 inches square, so it was quick to finish and will be easy to find a little home for somewhere.

The quilt is named after the fabric, "Sping's Whisper Emma Grace" by Bari J for Art Gallery Fabrics,  and I love the tones. I'm not one for flowers normally but this made a great change.

I used the fabrics in the ochre, grey and turquoise but they are also available in pink from Hawthorn Fabrics.
Hope you're in the  spring mood too. This has really got me in the mood so I'm off to work out the next project.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

September blues in March

On this stunning evening at the start of spring it's great to share with you my latest finish . This quilt is using fabric from one of my favourite textile design companies, (and UK based at that ) Dashwood Studios. Their designs seem to always hit the spot with me, no more so than this little range I bought a while back entitled "September Blue", which was the first for Dashwood by Susan Driscoll .  You will spot there is a little bit of "Flurry" lurking in there too which matched in beautifully. I love the contrast of the vibrant blue against the white and the ochre, not to mention the cute little birds in their trees. 

Anyway despite this being called September Blue I picked this top up to finish today as it was so fresh and bright outside it and the fabric matched that bright glow perfectly. As a background I used Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille, by Moda and I'm pleased with the tones against the strong blue, pink and ochre.

It is not a big quilt as you can see, (I just used a fat quarter pack) and is currently homeless but I hope to remedy that very soon. This picture is taken on my favourite Lichen covered wall down in the village but is a bit dark sadly so doesn't show of the blue binding so well. The binding was the cause of the delay in me finishing this little sweetie. I had my heart set on using the blue flurry but could not get my hands on any so settled on Kona solids "Ocean" and I think it does the job. 
The backing's origins? Haven't a scooby doo! All I can remember is that I picked it up as a bit of a steal of the FoQ last year . It is very different to the Dashwood styling but I love it as a contrast.

I managed to rush out and photograph this just before I lost the light tonight but look how the sunset has played with the colours here. You'd nearly not know it was the same fabric.  Hope you like the bit of local scenery thrown in just to prove what stunner of a day it has been.

Next up I think I will be heading back to pinwheels so more on that very soon

Sunday, 28 February 2016

At Last

Well hello there.......I'm back and a have a new friend

the latest addition to the Quilty Doings task force

I bet you thought I had fallen off the planet didn't you.  I cannot believe its been 16 months since I last wrote my blog. And if your still with me thank you for not deleting me from your list of reads. If you've fallen upon this by some new manner and its your first visit then thank you for popping by and hope to see you again.

I am not going to bang on with a whole list of excuses for not blogging regularly - needless to say it is just life isn't it. Anyway it is great to be back and I hope to keep you regularly up to date with what's hot and what's not in Quilty Doings land, whether it be stitch related or every now and again something daft, moody or just plain different.

Highlights 2015

just to give you  flavour though of the past year though , let's have a qucick review
  • December - Number One Son announced his engagement to the beautiful and fun Missy D - hurrah!
  • January - they cut down the trees in the wood where the wood pecker lived - Boo!
  • February - Pepper Ann turned 30 - hurrah!
  • March - Number One Son turned 30 - hurrah!
  • April - darling old Dad had another stroke and can no longer stay at his own home - very big boo!
  • May - The Wedding of the Year for Pepper Ann and her handsome prince - BIG HURRAH !
  • June - I fell over and broke my thumb. No sewing for many months - boo!
  • July - A birthday trip to the races, (followed by a sing along to the kaiser Chiefs with my best bud standing on a bench in the middle of the course) but had to suffer the reality of an even bigger age that must be impossible really-  boo/hurrah?
  • August - first and last attempt at galloping near Loch Tay- the jury is out on that one!
  • September - fabulous R&R in Mauritius with the Beloved - hurrah!
  • October - said goodbye to Mum and Dad's last home together. Much sadness - boo!
  • November - Randy Newman live at the Sage in Newcastle - hurrah!
  • December - I finally learnt how to play darts - hurrah!
I make that a 75% win for 2015 which is definitely a result so its onwards and upwards with 2016. A year to look forward to ( yes I know we are in February but it's still early!)

I kicked off the year with a new purchase of this Husqvarna machine and whilst it has been a little trying at times, its a great purchase and I hope will become a great friend once I have absorbed all the manual.  My first task was to finish off a new quilt for our sitting room which I managed to bind today.  

The pattern is from moda bakeshop called Dottie and the fabric was a jelly roll (Modern backgrounds by Zen Chic in ink), pieced with Kona Charcoal . Always one of my favourites.  The quilt was too big to quilt on the new machine so it was a quick trip to Beechwood to see Brian and Carole for a long overdue catch up and a couple of hours of long arm work.  
Really pleased with the results and its sitting nicely ready for the cat to shed allover.

If after all this twaddle you think you can stand another little word from QD land do pop by again soon as I have a nice new little project under way which I can share next time. Till then tatta.....

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I couldn't let it go...

It's a family tradition. They set the task and I have to rise to the challenge. Problem is, that bar keeps rising though and at some point I will tumble flat on my face and have to resort to a trip to the nearest supermarket , but until then I will carry on with the annual panic followed by the biggest annual sigh of relief you can ever imagine.

Yes, its Halloween- just in case your not sure what I am talking about. To be more specific its time to create for our little granddaughter something special and hopefully in some way unique that she can have the time of her life in for a few days. And no spooky ghosties for her yet. Time for that in the future. In the 6 little years since her arrival in our lives we have kitted her out as a mouse, a bee, a bat, Jesse the cow girl and then the glowing haired Scottish heroin Merida from "Brave" and this year we are back with the Disney team with a request for Anna  of "Frozen " fame.

I have to say I cheated somewhat this year as I found a Simplicity pattern for the dress, but that was only after I had bought yards upon yards of felt and fabric whilst my little grey cells tried to work out how the heck I was going to manage to get the right look of her little dirndl outfit.   Felt is such a great cheat fabric though, so with a large roll of Bondaweb and the pattern guide I think I got the look. That and a little help from Emily and her little hole punch for the added hearts which finished off the applique a treat. 
Not sure Mum was so pleased when I told her that the outfit won't be washable
though with all that felt on it! The skirt is cotton and the bodice mock suede and I used lining fabric for the "blouse" effect, but all that applique is felt.

Anyway by the look of things wee one couldn't care a jot 

so its next stop the School disco, but not before we make sure we get a quick selfie in the new outfit...

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Life moves on

I was shocked to see my last post was on the 7th July. That's quite shocking really. Anyway, I hope you all have had a great summer and life is treating you well. It's been a time of great happiness here in QD land, as well as much sadness but life moves on, so lets have a quick round up of the makes this summer. (Apologies if you are a FB follower for the repetition.)
First up was a cushion for Pepper Ann's new home.

I loved making this cushion and think I might try some more.

Next up was a back to school plimsoll bag for Zoe. Now if you are not old enough to know what plimsolls are, or your on the other side of the pond, then these are those little black elastic fronted gym shoes we all wore for school PE lessons . Remember how they always used to come from Woolworths? Making this made me feel very old as I can still see my Mum sitting stitching mine for me when I was wee and headed of for my first day at school.

Then I had a little experiment. I am trying to liven up our sitting room and so tried out something new with some colours here in a mini quilt and yet another cushion. Photos are not working for me here though.

Finally today I worked on a commission. A little tractor baby quilt was requested and at first I was unsure but now I am quite pleased with what turned out. I am a big HST fan so a bit of thought and this is where I got too. Hope its little owner will like it too.

Anyway that's me all caught up. I'm off to watch Downton! Thanks for sticking with me in my absence and of course, for the messages from those who have been in touch. I has meant a great deal.  See you soon

Monday, 7 July 2014

Pouchy sunday

When I should have been packing for holiday, I got the bug to make some pouches for each of our girls to keep their nick knacks in on our trip. 
A varied mix of fabrics for a very varied group of girlies. 
Hope they like them and that they come in handy. Some are currently in the post so I wonder if they will work out in advance whose is whose?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weekender done

Some weeks back I told you all about the great bag making course I had done at My Bearpaw in Edinburgh, with Naomi Crowley. Well it needed at bit of a finish off and so I settled myself down this afternoon for a catch up on Glastonbury care off good 'ol Auntie Beeb and caught up on all my hand sewing and hey presto, here we are. The finished object. 

I won't lie, it was tough with all those layers, but I am very pleased and reckon the bag will be really useful for nights away or as hand luggage on a flight. So thank you Naomi - I would never have got here without your brilliant class.
I do hope your screen shows off the yellow here properly as its a real sunshine colour which seems to be a real favourite combo for me at the moment, along with monochromes. Lots of nice pockets too, with a  bit of top stitching. I did regret that a bit because with of the thickness but it did work well with the linen used for the corners and the carry strap.  Now it's time to start packing and heading for sun.
Oh forgot to say- loved my Glasto catch up. Dolly made me laugh and smile but Metallica? Well they really were class!   
( I bought the handles first and just fell in love with that yellow )

 Gunmetal zip- finished it off