Sunday, 13 May 2012

I won't let it beat me

Deep breath..... and we are off. I am really not sure how this is going to go but stick with me and we can learn this blogging malarky together. I think that given the lengths I go to boring my family to pieces ( if you excuse pun) about any projects i am conjouring up, then this has got to be the best way of venting all that pent up stitching fever and letting them off the hook.
After more than 15 years of tucking myself away in my den , where ever that has been, its time for me to come out of the fabric cupboard and embrace the community of fellow addicts to sets, points, strips and stashes. I'm not one of the most artistic quilters and probably fall into a very traditional category, but that doesn't mean to say I would call my quilts boring or too run of the mill. My description would be homely and usable and whenever I am stitching away my first thought is "who is going to be using this quilt" and how much love and comfort can it give. Let's just call them a "hug in a blanket". I so admire all those amazing art quilts and their incredibly talented creators who, to use that dreadful expression, can think outside the box and create a stunning piece of Art. That's not me. I just scrapped through O-Level art with the aid of a set of HB pencils, a very patient art mistress and a green glass bottle full of bubbles!
Anyway on to real matters. My plan is to drop by with background on recent projects, whether they be successes or failures and then probably any randomness that might flow at the time or writing. I am sure that I will find it hard to stick to the subject on the majority of occasions but if any reader has the patience to stick with me and find any iota of interest or enjoyment out of my ramblings then  "Gawd bless 'em " as they say
So onwards and upwards... there is stitching to be done. 

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