Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Swappy doings

mosaic10b6d8f788aa3b47cbba1807fb3d25b539a1a50f by Quilty doings
mosaic10b6d8f788aa3b47cbba1807fb3d25b539a1a50f, a photo by Quilty doings on Flickr.

Not much sewing gone on in the last week or so in QD land as I had the flight to London from hell on business, which wore me out, but more importantly the beloved JB is back home from work.  However much excitement has ensued as not only is the Japanese Charm Swap well under way, but I have also signed up for my first "make " swap.
The lovely Canadianabroad Susan has organised the second round of these mad women ( my goodness you should read the cat , its a hoot) and I am delighted that I made the cut too. As a new "Swapper" I am a  bit daunted not only because of the worry of letting my secret swap partner down by making  something she really doesn't like, but also because there seems to be a lot of techy type malarkey which flies straight over my head. However Susan has been a sweetheart and seems to have the patience of a saint so hopefully I won't go too wrong.
The first job of making my mosaic was scary enough as there is so much choice out there, but I hope it gives a wee feel of things which me ( and Emily) like. I am surprised its not just one big montage of moose and chickens to be honest, but then that would be just plain daft. Hold on a minute- oh yes, that would be me then.
Anyway I will keep you posted, if you pardon the pun, without letting the cat ( or chicken?) out of the bag to my secret swappy. You must pop by Flickr to see all the other amazing mosaics. These really are not only talented gals, but also have a great deal of taste and there are so many brillinat blogs linked in there. Too many to name but really great fun to read and very inspiartional in their stitching... And whilst your there have a catch up on the Japanese Charm Swap fabrics. We are all madly cutting and posting but the tension is rising as we await the big Shetland post off by Sarah. Boy that post office won't know what has hit them- perhaps we should be sending the postie a parcel of his own as a bribe to care for our precious cargo.
See you again soon, by which time I will hopefully have an update on "happy campers"

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