Monday, 1 October 2012

Fresh Sewing day September confessions

September has been a pretty unproductive month so I feel a bit ashamed of this month's round up.
1. Rejected Swap idea 2.Addicted to Text Swap 3.Finished Halloween mini quilt 4. Happy campers WIP 5. Rescue 6. Addicted to Text missed idea 7. Autumn shadows WIP 8&9. Too much shopping, 10. Denyse Schmidt, 11 Mouthy stitches final ideas for fabrics, 12. Even more shopping, 13. Zig zag border zoo quilt, 14 All shopped out  
It has though been a very productive purchasing month as the huge pile of halves and quarters now filed away in their groups will prove.  Oops ... If I review last month's hoped doings I should hang my head in shame and to be honest I am not sure how this all passed me by. October will be scarce too as we are off away for a while, its quarterly reporting in the office so a few late nights there , burning the candle at both ends and last and definitely not least I will need to address the usual costume challenge for young Zoe. To add to all this I need to make my bag for Mouthy Stitches, so all a bit chop chop busy busy really. No pressure then!
So this months scores on the doors are 
Pieces finished 2 - Pieces unfinished 4
Swaps joined 2 - Swaps completed 1
( well my bit anyway)
Joining up today with Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet. Hope to see you again soon


  1. Firstly, stash-building is WORK! Let's call it "preparation and planning" :) I love your zig-zag binding, and am way impressed with your tea-cup paper piecing, especially since I haven't paper pieced ever. I think you did a great job!

  2. don't feel ashamed. sometimes life gets in the way of making stuff. What you have done is fab


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