Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The postman cometh...

I was beginning to panic you know. Every day I have scoured the list to see who hadn't yet had their name crossed out on the Flickr post for the Mouthy Stitches swap, with those sacred words "SENT RECEIVED DELIVERED". You know,  just in case I could figure out who my partner might be. Where was my package coming from? Was it on a slow boat from Timbuktu? Was it marooned half way between Hurricane Sandy and a wet Royal Mail man's postal sack near Leighton Buzzard? Who knew. The list of undelivereds was getting shorter and shorter and my carefully stitched bag had long ago been delivered over the pond in Canada so nail chewing had quickly commenced. I stalked the postie all week and fretted all weekend when I was away from home, just in case my special parcel had been left with a  tardy neighbour who couldn't be bothered to drop it by for me, but instead was holding it ransom in some dark corner of their kitchen. I wasn't sure if I could stand much of all this stress much longer...
But Hurrah, fear not dear swappies. It is here. It has arrived. All safe and sound and fresh across the water from Ireland ( I could have actually brought it back with me from my holibobs if only I had known!), all bright and sunny in its spotty envelope.
As you can see the lovely Erin from Billy Button Design has been a very busy girl and made not only a beautiful bag, but also the most cracking label. I was going to be a bit mean and hide the other side so I could be very cheeky and pinch the idea for Christmas but I couldn't really not share its loveliness with you, so thank you so much Erin for the inspiration. I adore the text on the fob tape as well and must find out more from Erin as to not only where it comes from but also the fabrics in the bag as I think a few of us asked when she posted a lovely hint on Flickr. If anyone else knows in the meantime please let us all out of out misery.
sorry for the iphone pics but its too dark to be outside
All in all I am a very happy swapper and a lucky Mouthy Stitcher and cannot wait to use this to carry my little "piece" in it to work each day, as they would say in these parts.  Thanks again Erin - and of course thank you Mr Mail Man, wherever you have been.

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