Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Where did that come from?

Woke this morning to a bit of a shock. Being out of normal routine at home, I didn't watch the news and weather last night so the sight of 2 inches, (and growing) falling into the garden took me completely by surprise. It's taken out the Sky signal so I cannot do that normal sick day thing of watching "Homes under the hammer" or "Cash in the attic" ( I know tragic eh..) so instead I have been watching the poor birds sheltering from the cold. The have been flooding back and forward from the wood next to the house and my word, do they look unhappy. One poor old boy of a robin is so puffed up he looks like a great dollop of Christmas pudding sitting out there on the branch, frozen stiff. They have had me glued and beat a bit of Philip and Hollywillybooby any day.
 ( If you watch carefully you will see a sneaky little grey squirrel make a guest appearance at the back too)


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