Saturday, 9 March 2013

It's all in the planning

Scraps at the ready
The weather is going to be pants so that rules out my other Beloved free weekend occupation which should be starting about now. That is my gardening. Such a shame as the place looks wrecked at the mo, but hey ho, no use stressing because I am no cold weather gardener me.  So that means I have no option but to sit and sew today. Oh dear , what a shame.........
Even the postie called with a parcel to give me a hint that I should be stitching, so what can a girl do.
I have an absolute shed load of things I need to get done so the food shop is done, the laundry is laundered (stuff the ironing- that can wait ) and the hoovering is hoovered. Well, sort of. And so I am off and running.
 My hit list for this weekend is so vast I know I will not get through the lot but with no distractions I am hopeful for an extremely productive weekend.  Lets see, we have
  • make a small crib quilt for train buddy, (promised back in February before body failure)
  • finish the Dresden Plate cushion from week 1 of the Bear Paw Classes
  • finish the Low volume quilt started in February
  • make my Mo' Stash March blocks
  • practise a few more double wedding ring blocks from this week's Bear Paw Class
  • Pull some fabric for Modern She Made 2 swap
  • oh yes, breath
The groups work from week 2 of the Bear Paw classes. Mine is top centre, the wonky one - hence the need to practise more
Lets report back here sharpish Monday to find out how many of those have moved from the list. Of course if I fail abysmally, I will just leave the country and shut down the blog in shame.
see you soon


  1. Hope the *list* is going well.
    Happy sewing xxxx

    1. Surprise visit from family yesterday afternoon, so back to the drawing board today haha

  2. Oh we all have lists and as the owners of said lists it is our right to adjust these lists as life dictates, so if it doesn't get done this weekend, there is always the next weekend or the next or the next...well in my world anyway.

    1. Exactly... As my comment above has just proved. Great afternoon with our wee one which was a complete bonus

  3. Love that photo of the double wedding rings. For a moment there I thought you had made all those since the last class!!


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