Saturday, 3 May 2014

Thinking outside the fabric box

A few months back I signed up for another round of the Modern She Made swap, in hindsight a bit of a mistake as I already knew I was a bit too busy to sew, but I thought it would kick me back into gear. Well as you saw it didn't and now I am a bit behind and need to play catch up so that I don't miss my posting deadline. The theme of this round is "Hexagons". This can be interpreted in any shape or form as long as what you make for your partner somehow contains a hexagon! The obvious way to go is with a bit of EPP and any one that has read my blogs before has seen that I have had some fun with those in the past, but there is no need to be that obvious . It could be hexagons in the fabric, embroidery, anything.
So late last night, in a bout of insomnia, I had a brain wave. My partner had suggested she might  like some fabric boxes and I therefore wondered if I could make a set of hexagon shaped baskets for her?  
I set about experimenting today and it turned out to not be too tricky but it does need a bit of honing.  Given time constraints I don't think will now be the way for me to go for the swap, but its definitely one to come back to as a work in progress. I will write up the pattern, once I have made a couple of changes, and then get Emily to road test it and if it all goes well will report back.
in the meantime today's efforts will come in handy as a little caddie in a bathroom . Now, new plan for the swap please.....?

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