Sunday, 1 June 2014

Life in the fast lane....

 Last night I had the pleasure to share a room with four of my heros.

Glenn, Don, Joe and Timothy
( sorry Timothy couldnt find a picture of you of the right era).
Not that they knew I was there mind you.
There were another 12,000 gate crashers on my night of time travel.
In case your not a fan  I was through watching that "popular beat combo" the fabulous Eagles and this really was a VERY BIG deal to me. I should have seen these boys ( ?) at the Glasgow Apollo back in 1977 (maybe giving away a bit too much away here?) for the bargain price of £2.50. I passed on this opportunity for fear of upsetting my parents at not going home from uni for  the holidays - and sorry mum, boy have I regretted it ever since. 
Somehow I have missed their couple of subsequent tours to the UK. Have  no idea how, but thanks to a bit of fate and a kindly young mate, last night I travelled back in time to the days of tasselled jackets, men in very tight jeans and being able to wear double denim without a visit from the fashion police.  The Eagles iconic anthems helped me through my A levels and teenage angst and led me to a new world of independence many many miles from home and have stayed in my heart forever. To this day I cannot hear "Best of my love" without a lump coming to my throat. Stupid eh?
Very pleased to report the band didn't let me down . The set was long and varied and they all played their part perfectly. Joe Walsh , the Master of the Stratocaster entertained in only the way he can and proved that despite trying to kill himself by copious amounts of recreational chemicals over the years he still has what it takes.
Thank you chaps, you made am 'old rocker very happy.

 I am all ready for dress down Friday this week too...... Tee hee

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  1. Oh that made me smile. Isn't it funny how music and memories are so tightly entwined? And can it only have been £2.50.


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