This is just a random selection of quilts, sometimes with their new owners or in odd situations. I hope you enjoy them.
2 week old Rebecca enjoying Kookaburras and kangaroos

Jungle Jim for little Adam

Max and friend on his Nursery Rhyme quilt

sunny days in the garden

Young Fin has out grown his quilt a little
 a very new baby Adam

our beautiful Zoe in Pocahontas pose

A souvenir of our trip to Alaska. An unusual fabric which captures the essence of the land, with the colours reminding me of earth and ice

Probably one of my favourite all timers- a classic court house steps in flannels. This was my recuperation quilt after a drop of surgery. I bought the flannels in Lancaster, Pennsylvania so its a well travelled piece. Its so cosy too and is my favourite for snuggling up with in the winter,
Zoe's "big girls "quilt ready for when she grows into a full sized bed. A Layer Cake called Love - so very appropriate
James enjoying "Scoot"
A mystery quilt- and another popular one for winter nights
The wonderful little Ewan enjoying his jungle quilt. Love goes out to all his family
( and hasn't he got the most brilliant hair)
sleepy time

Another layer cake- this time Moda

Christmas time with Count on Christmas


  1. Very nice quilts! I especially like Zoe's "big girl quilt"--what's the pattern? Scoot and James are both very cute.

  2. Its from a book called Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm quilts by Pam Lintott. I am a big fan. If you see my post "half a jelly" it has more detaisl from the same designer. So glad you liked it .


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