Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sew Sew Modern swap

Today I have spent the day working on my piece for round 3 of this fun swap. We have had lots of notice for this make, but I struggled a bit coming up with a plan for my partner, but now I am well under way and on target for posting before 13th September. I am trying to not let on to0 much to my partner though on the flickr feed, but am going to leave a bit more in the way of hints in this blog post, just incase she is passing by, as I thought that might be fun. Her choice of item was a bit more specific than normal so I think she could figure it out if she really wanted to.

Anyway I started with a Annela Hoey charm pack and made up some HST's .
Next I added a little bit of hand stitching
and then a bit more detail somewhere else...
this little bird is copied from the fabric design as you can see.
So we will have to see if my partner likes the final result. Have you figured it out yet?