Sunday, 28 September 2014

Life moves on

I was shocked to see my last post was on the 7th July. That's quite shocking really. Anyway, I hope you all have had a great summer and life is treating you well. It's been a time of great happiness here in QD land, as well as much sadness but life moves on, so lets have a quick round up of the makes this summer. (Apologies if you are a FB follower for the repetition.)
First up was a cushion for Pepper Ann's new home.

I loved making this cushion and think I might try some more.

Next up was a back to school plimsoll bag for Zoe. Now if you are not old enough to know what plimsolls are, or your on the other side of the pond, then these are those little black elastic fronted gym shoes we all wore for school PE lessons . Remember how they always used to come from Woolworths? Making this made me feel very old as I can still see my Mum sitting stitching mine for me when I was wee and headed of for my first day at school.

Then I had a little experiment. I am trying to liven up our sitting room and so tried out something new with some colours here in a mini quilt and yet another cushion. Photos are not working for me here though.

Finally today I worked on a commission. A little tractor baby quilt was requested and at first I was unsure but now I am quite pleased with what turned out. I am a big HST fan so a bit of thought and this is where I got too. Hope its little owner will like it too.

Anyway that's me all caught up. I'm off to watch Downton! Thanks for sticking with me in my absence and of course, for the messages from those who have been in touch. I has meant a great deal.  See you soon