Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I couldn't let it go...

It's a family tradition. They set the task and I have to rise to the challenge. Problem is, that bar keeps rising though and at some point I will tumble flat on my face and have to resort to a trip to the nearest supermarket , but until then I will carry on with the annual panic followed by the biggest annual sigh of relief you can ever imagine.

Yes, its Halloween- just in case your not sure what I am talking about. To be more specific its time to create for our little granddaughter something special and hopefully in some way unique that she can have the time of her life in for a few days. And no spooky ghosties for her yet. Time for that in the future. In the 6 little years since her arrival in our lives we have kitted her out as a mouse, a bee, a bat, Jesse the cow girl and then the glowing haired Scottish heroin Merida from "Brave" and this year we are back with the Disney team with a request for Anna  of "Frozen " fame.

I have to say I cheated somewhat this year as I found a Simplicity pattern for the dress, but that was only after I had bought yards upon yards of felt and fabric whilst my little grey cells tried to work out how the heck I was going to manage to get the right look of her little dirndl outfit.   Felt is such a great cheat fabric though, so with a large roll of Bondaweb and the pattern guide I think I got the look. That and a little help from Emily and her little hole punch for the added hearts which finished off the applique a treat. 
Not sure Mum was so pleased when I told her that the outfit won't be washable
though with all that felt on it! The skirt is cotton and the bodice mock suede and I used lining fabric for the "blouse" effect, but all that applique is felt.

Anyway by the look of things wee one couldn't care a jot 

so its next stop the School disco, but not before we make sure we get a quick selfie in the new outfit...