Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Canopy & Stars

Now I know this is not a quilt based post so apologies for that, but please bear with me as I just felt I needed to share an exciting moment with everyone. Last week I entered a competition on the blog for Sawdays "Canopy and stars", a fantastic site with suggestions for every possible kind of off the wall accommodation you can think of. Through this lovely company you can stay in a tee pee, a tree house or even a converted World War II Fire wagon. The world is your lobster as Dell Boy would say. Anyway, the theme of the contest, to win an amazing 7 day trip all around the UK "glamping" was to write in 150 words all about your favourite travel memory.  Do check out their site, it is wonderful and full of so many ideas. I can't wait to drag my JB away to one of their little hide aways.

When I read this only one thought came to my head and that was the amazing amazing week Emily and I spent  touring the Highlands 10 years ago in a small and noisy red MG Midget. It is a memory I will carry with me forever of my wonderful daughter. Of her spirit and sense of fun and of the bond that will never break.

To cut a long story short , I wrote my 150 words and my word how hard was that. How a many times did it turned into 153 words I cannot tell you. But I persevered and my struggle was rewarded today to find out I made the final 40! (The link will take you to the whole 40 to see.) The short list of 10 has been published and they are all terrific and all deserve to win, but you cannot imagine my joy at being in the 30 which were mentioned in dispatches so to speak, in the same announcement. To say my gob has never been so smacked would be an understatement. I have never written anything till I started this blogging about 7 weeks ago and detested English when I was at school, as my English mistresses ( how old fashioned is that) gave the impression that I could not string two sentences together.  Fell a bit  in shock too really.  All in all the reception not only from the blog, but now this competition has been terrific and I just want to say thank you really to everyone who has encouraged me and I am not sure if you know what a can of worms you have opened, but if not keep reading and you will be sure to find out.

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