Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas is coming , this Quilters getting fat...( or Let the Moose Fest Begin )

Chop chop busy busy... things to do , places to go and all that. Like all you lovely readers I've been on the go non stop for the past few weeks but do you know, its finally all coming together. Seasonal over eating and imbibing has begun and will continue apace as all the gang arrive home over the coming days and weeks. Of course in this house it is the annual Moose fest, when every nook and cranny is packed with Mooses of every shape and size. I love these beasts, small or large and my long suffering family humour me, I am pleased to say, with new additions each year to my growing heard. My favourite is probably "Reggie" a small and neat little Moose, who sports a natty pair of blue trousers with braces and a little bow tie. He is so named because he reminds me of my Dad for some obscure reason. And I think he is quite splendid.  
Despite inclement weather I managed the annual run out to the Trossachs ( sounds like a dodgy disease doesn't- ooo I've got  a touch of the Trossachs!) to collect our Christmas tree. This is now a well established part our Christmas ritual here in QD land, with the purchase of a lovely, beautifully smelling fresh tree from the Forestry Commission out in the Queen Elizabeth Forrest. Transportation was a bit of an issue this year though as the beloved JB was away working and so I only had access to my tiny little car but I had a cunning plan and  the rain held off.
probably not what they had in mind when they designed the retracting roof
Next thing was to get little Zoe over to decorate it for me, with a little help from Mum and Dad. This of course meant a little bit of festive sustenance, so I knocked up these scrummy little Rudolph buns.
I cannot take the credit for their inventiveness, as I actually found them on the BBC website. They are so easy to make and really really effective so do give them a go. I bought Smarties for Rudolph's nose, but M&M's would have been better ( and presumably easier to find if you are over the pond?) as they are a much better bright nosey red colour. As you will also see I cheated by buying buns for this batch rather than making the buns from scratch as I was in a complete rush.  Zoe worked hard  decorating Nan's tree (well the bottom part anyway) and it was fun watching her little face with all our treasured nic nacs coming out of the boxes
Anyway, probably like most of my blogging buddies, there's not to much time for sewing at the moment with all the preparations, but I did have a wee bit of time to stitch these stockings for a friend's twin girlies, Kiki and Amelia. I had to match them to a pair of shop bought stockings their big brothers already owned which I thought had a bit of a Scandinavian feel about them. Hence the red and white gingham, with the blue trimmings. Apart from the applique, the tops are machine embroidered in red and white stitching. Let's hope Santa fills them to the brim next week.
I reckon this may be my last blog before the festivities, so just want to say Happy Christmas to you all and may the world be the place we all wish it to be in the New Year. Take care and thanks for dropping by...


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