Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Scrappy dabblings

First and foremost Happy New year to you all and I hope you had a great great Christmas. We had a great couple of days, although both the beloved JB and I were back at work on Thursday last week. To make up for this I had a lovely treat of having  two of my gang home this weekend which was wonderful. Number One Son and the lovely Danni flew up on Friday night, through the wind and the rain (and a very dodgy landing at Turnhouse) to join me, Emily and the lovely Mr S. We had a hoot, although we missed my big noisy husband but did try to make up for this by a night of home made French Martini's which probably each had the alcohol content equivalent to about half a dozen in the average bar - and very scrummy they were too! No sore heads though which was a bonus.
It's pretty much back to normal here though come tomorrow, as my employers stick to the English one day hangover respite as opposed the Scots who need the two day cure. I thought I just has time for  a wee stitch today just to unwind and my original plan was to make my square for the Modern Stash Quilting Bee but I discovered that I had no plain grey for the first round background so that plan had to be shelved. Instead I had a bit of a play as I haven't had chance to use any of the Japanese charms I received from the swap back in the autumn. 

I thought I would have a look through these to see what I could find and it turned into quite a fruitful afternoon actually, as I managed to turn out 3 small makes.
First of all I made a small basket to use when I am stitching. I don't know  about you but I have a habit of dropping any small pieces on the floor as I move things around on my table to the machine, so I thought this little basket would come in handy to use for Work In Progress. 
Next I used some tiny little one inch squares to make this taller handle free version, which will hold pencils and the like. It was a struggle to line and a bit of an experiment in how small I could go, so probably won't be repeated again for that reason.

Last and by no means least I made a scrappy zippy pouch, based on the great tutorial by Noodlehead. I know this particular tutorial is very popular with a lot of my blog and flickr friends but just in case you are not familiar, I have attached the link. I needed a new make up bag as the Lancome girl has been seen rolling her eyes whenever I am in  for  a purchase, because the one I have been using I think was a give away about 15 years or so ago. This is definitely a bit more individual I reckon.
I think that's all my news for today. No New Year's resolutions from me, as I am more of a serendipitous nature, but I can say that the beloved and I are vowed to be more at home this year so I hope that means a lot more makes. Yippeee... 
Oh and most important piece of news of the Christmas period? Pepper Anne's engagement. This made us all weep like you would not believe. Brilliant news- our first son-in-law-to-be and you will never guess. She has asked me to make her dress. No pressure there then at all eh? Luckily I have a year or two to build up the nerve and who knows she may be the first bride to wear a dress made out of hexies? (Only joking by the way just in a case anyone thinks I have freaky taste.)
Till next time.


  1. Oh I think a wedding dress made up of hexies would be lovely providing you throw in a few half-square-triangles! Sounds like you've had a great festive season - all the best for 2013.

    1. tee hee- see now there is a plan. Thanks Claire. Happy New year to you too and thanks for dropping by

  2. I love all of your fun creations! Especially that tote, how cute! I had to laugh when you talked about your makeup bag. My husband has been giving me a hard time because I have been using a ziploc bag as a makeup bag for a couple of years now... hahahah.... When it gets dirty, I just change it out for a new one. He thinks that is pretty ghetto. Lol!!

    1. I never had you down as a zip lock girl Kristen with all your style! I am shocked and stunned hahahahahaha. Happy new year my dear and hugs to wee one x


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