Sunday, 13 January 2013

Disaster strikes

Well, it feels like my right arm has been cut off.  I don't know how I will last the next couple of weeks? Is there support group for this sort of thing??? There had better be or there could be one very stressed and stroppy woman wandering around, I can tell you.
Oh, did I not say - my machine is on the blink.
After a fun few hours in which I managed to pull together my block for the Modern Stash Quilting Bee as well as a little pouch for Emily as a surprise (thanks again Noodel-head), I needed to fill another bobbin and that is where it all went wrong. For some reason it won't wind even though the motor is running so tomorrow first thing I need to get on the phone to the man in Edinburgh to see how quickly he can fix my baby. The idea of not having a working machine, even though I rarely stitch in the evenings after work, fills me with dread.  I don't think I have been machine-less for nigh on 34 years ( yes, I could sew as soon as I left the womb.....) so if kind readers you have any goodness in your bones, which of course I know you have by the bucket load, you will tonight be saying a little word in the right place on my behalf to ensure that the lovey repair man can act a bit toute suite and get me back up and running.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of the successful makes before it all went pear shaped.  I love this Supernova  block that January T has asked us in the Las Vegas Hive to make. I never make things in yellow, but am a big fan of grey ( or gray to my friends over the pond), but January  has made a great choice I think. The tutorials from "Freshley pieced" are great and as you would have guessed I now want to make a whole quilt in this pattern.  I am however intrigued to know why the tutorial says to not steam as you go when making, so if anyone wants to let me know why I would be grateful. We also had a little "lost in translation" moment too over in the Flickr group as I made a gag about Oasis and " Supernova" in my post, but as the beloved JB would away , it didn't hit the baffle plate. Clearly the Mancunians' fame is not as wide spread as I had anticipated. So sorry about that chaps.
My second little make today was this small pouch for Emily. The naughty cats made me think of her and I think will make her chuckle so I will pop it in the post tomorrow. She would have been freezing her little tootsies off today on the snowy Quayside in Newcastle, selling her photography, so she I thought it would give her a nice little surprise. It's a big week for her and the wonderful Mr S as they collect the keys on Friday to their newly purchased first house . I can't wait to get to see it as they have lots of ideas and  generally hard work ahead of them but its so very exciting. All in all a very  exciting time for all our young people at the moment.
Anyway that's me for now. I am off to find the stitching equivalent to the Samaritans ......hopefully see you all very soon ( repair man willing) x


  1. There seems to be some concern that the steam would make the bias shift...nonsense says I who loves to steam all my seams :)

  2. PS get a back up machine woman!! lol

    1. Genius- best I tap up the beloved haha! Glad I am not the only steam lover. These seam openers make work for themselves too I reckon

  3. I hope your machine is recovering in the sewing machine "hospital" and will be back with you soon. I like the pouches that you've made, they're useful things to have


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