Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's been a while

Life sadly has over taken us here, as we have had to say the final good bye to my Pa-in-law. He was a strong and proud Scot to the end and he lived a good and long life. My poor old JB lost his Mum many years ago, so he believes his Dad is happy now at last, back with his beloved Bessie. These sad events have a weird way of bringing some unexpected  joys though and this sad occasion meant that we finally got the whole gang together at once which is a very rare thing. Pinning down the movements of 5 twenty/thirty years olds is  no mean feat, I can tell you.

Sadness brings joy...
As a genius tribute to his Grandpa, one of the chaps came up with a great plan, as the old chap had been a life long supporter of East Stirlingshire FC, the lowliest football team in the Scotland League. Famed for their ability to have the recorded the worst number of points ever  in a season, the team is remarkably well known but I have to say they are not renowned for drawing a large crowd nor for the quality of their football. But on a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon in March the eight of us (a couple of the girls wimped out) headed off to " the park" as they say in these parts, to swell the crowd and  take our place in the stand to cheer on The Shire in memory of JB Senior.
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And do you know, we had a hoot. The pies were fine and the Bovril warmed me from the tips of my toes to the very end of my frozen nose. As for the footie itself, well, let's just gloss over that. I will only say one thing. You can see why they are consistently in the final position in the league each year!
Life has moved on and Easter came and went with a trip south to see Number One Son, and my dearest Mrs P. I am now trying to catch up with all that should have been done in both February and March but hopefully we have got all the rubbish out of the way for 2013, and we can push on to enjoy the rest of the year.
Keep safe and see you soon
PS For those interested - Match report Final score 2-1 to Montrose, 1 Red card. Attendance - 261


  1. I'm really sorry to hear your sad news, but what a lovely way to celebrate his life at a footy match. I bet there were a few smiles upstairs with the Big Fella.
    Thinking of you all,

  2. I am sorry to hear that! Sad that you do not get the family and your loved ones all together on one place that often. I hope you could enjoy getting together and had a lovely time.

    1. We are so scattered around the country now but its great seeing all the young people finding their ways in life. thanks so much for your comment


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