Sunday, 14 April 2013

Swap Sunday

Lots achieved today ( and a bit last night) as I have been beavering away at my make for the Modern She Made Swap Round 3. This swap needs to be finished by 24th of this month and as we are away next week to see a gig ( Jb's Christmas present from Emily), I really needed to crack on. I had a good plan but as the day has gone it has changed and evolved but I think it will work really well. I cannot share too many details for fear of giving away my partner but I think you can get the general gist from the photos. It is probably not giving too much away to say its a bag!
 It is based on an Amy Butler pattern, although I am not saying which one ( again it needs to be a secret for now) but I have had to improvise a wee bit as to be really honest I didn't quite "get" the instructions. Either I have got my dingbat hat on today or they were written for people that are regulars of her patterns. I adore her fabrics but this it the first of her  patterns I have used. I think I will get  a very similar effect but by a different means. One of the issues was how the bottom went on (as well as a very important detail to be disclosed at the end), but I have just squared mine off by stitching and pivoting at each corner.
Once I am done and its been received by my partner I will share which pattern it is and you can all tell me where I went wrong. I was reading Hadley's post a couple of days ago about the fab bag she had made and she said she didn't struggle too much with layers, even though her bag had piping. I am the contrary. I had no piping or zip, but the thousands of layers in the bag floored my lovely machine somewhat so I may have to park my plans to make a weekender, unless I get some sneaky tuition or make a more relaxed bag. As a pretty relaxed little bod I think that will suit me down to the ground!

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