Thursday, 23 August 2012

a Sunday in June ( and James came to tea )

Its been a quietish day in the QD land. Summer has tried to make its way to Scotland, leaving the rest of the UK in its wake with gales and floods, but we luckily have enjoyed a mild , if not a little grey day. I took the opportunity this morning to check the garden to see what was managing to bloom and got a few pleasant surprises. Whilst the peony was stunning  when it started to bloom last week, the heavy rain that hit us immediately the buds started to unfurl meant that this was one of its poorest shows since planting 5 years ago.  Never mind, we will see what next year will bring, and we will have the added excitement then of seeing what the new root does, which Emma from the office gave me and which we have planted in a good sunny spot.

To make up for it though the poppies are looking splendid as ever, and will once again  give me some inspiration for stitching I am a sure. They haven't let me down yet, so watch this space soon  for a quilt from today's pictures. I thought you might like a quick peek at what else is showing up at the moment too.

Cornflowers in the "Zoe's Secret Garden"

I am particularly fond of Primula, with the tiny tiny little elements that make up the flower heads. Here we have blue Primula Capitata, which is in its second year and the far larger Primula Bulleyana, which I bought at Gardening Scotland last year. It is recommended for cooler areas so I reckon its an ideal plant for us here in Scotland. No roses yet, a bit early I think but the delphiniums will soon be ready so really looking forward to those. I bet they bloom when we are away on holiday - you could count on it in fact.

After my stroll and snapping the latest additions I set too baking as little James was coming to tea (and bringing mum and dad) so that he could collect his long awaited quilt. He has grown so much since his last visit and was full of smiles and giggles today. Mum said he had been a bit of a pickle recently but I reckon he's a little sweetheart and a very jolly little chap.  Anyway I am pleased to say he seemed very happy with his quilt and quickly settle down for a snuggle. Thanks to Dad for the snaps. (He likes to think he is a bit of a pro at these things, so it was best to leave him too it.

After all the excitement it was soon time for his tea of rice cakes and milk so we adults settled down to a cuppa and a piece of Blueberry Sour Cream Cake, which is becoming a bit of a favourite. If you fancy trying it out check out my recipe tab. Its a very moist cake and reminds me of German style baking, with its slight denseness. Definitely one for the summer and the garden I would say. Sadly not quite up to tea in the garden this week, but never mind. James' company was enough for me and Mum and Dad weren't bad either . I will probably let him bring them along again too next time. 


  1. Lovely flowers. That Poppy would make a spectacular quilt!
    Little James is so sweet! I guess that makes him a sweet pickle!
    It sounds like Scotland has summer weather similar to ours here in Alaska.

  2. Unpredictable Deb I think is the best way of explaining it. Having seen the size of your green houses though your sun is far more concentrated.

  3. Helle Emily's Mum. I dropped by your site as it was one of the featured blogs on the front page of the Quilting Bloggers website. Lovely blog and I am now following. I love the baby quilt and I'm sure you've had fun making it. I have four grandchildren, quite close in ages so even the youngest is not a baby now. Shows how fast they grow. Best wishes Sue

  4. thanks so much Sue for the message. i am so chuffed at comments given i have only just started blogging. glad you enjoyed the posts. drop by again and hopelife's not too wet down in Poole at the moment. ( james is not our grandson- but Zoe is :-) )


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