Sunday, 26 August 2012

A challenging shopping trip

I don't know about you other stitchy types , but I had no idea that if you're not into crafty type things, being marched off to a fabric shop and being asked to choose a set of fabrics for a quilt is the equivalent to torture of the N th degree.  I unintentionally inflicted this horror on a lovely friend of mine last week after she asked me if I could make her a small gift. She was after a baby present but had no preferences at the time so I thought she would enjoy choosing the fabric as I always jump at the chance to browse a fabric department so thought everyone else felt the same. But oh how wrong was I.
The pair of us jumped in a cab and headed off to Mandors, as this I thought was the only fabric shop in our reach at lunchtime (but I have since been proved wrong, thanks to researching another project, of which you will hear more later). Very quickly it became clear that this was not at all pleasurable for her in any way and I felt so terrible as she walked panic stricken up and down the rows of fabric with a pained look on her face. I must have sounded a right little know it all when I pointed out " no that will not work" or " no, that's too girly" and I am sure at one point she must have considered picking up a bolt and battering me around the head with it. Trouble was she had settled on a fat quarter featuring a farmyard theme, but there was not one other fabric which was an obvious " baby" fabric which fitted the colours. Hesitantly I suggested some greens as some people are  a bit superstitious of this for children, but whether out of desperation or hunger ( as it was lunchtime after all) she agreed and we grabbed some other quarters and sped back to work.
Since our shopping trip a little voice in my head has been nagging at me and I have actually been dreading looking at this piece, as I didn't feel at all confident that I could make the fabrics look soft enough for a new born, but some one must have been looking out for me as it seems to have come together pretty well. The farmyard fabric is pretty subtle but still stands out in this design.
For the backing I have added some streaks of the feature greens to hopefully pull it all together.
Anyway the proof will be in the pudding when I deliver it to her on Monday.... Fingers crossed everyone please, oh and by the way, no more baby quilts for a while please.
apologies for the quality- camera phone!

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