Monday, 20 August 2012

Don't you just hate it when that happens

Its been a very strange stitching week, which has led to the neglect of  my blog I'm afraid. I was distracted by a quick diversion back to some dressmaking on the tout suite, which I haven't done for years, due to what can only be called a "Wardrobe Crisis". We had been invited to a birthday party of a lovely friend and her husband and they had the brilliant idea of it being a Hollywood party and we were urged to "think Red Carpet Glamour". I loved this idea as I love an opportunity for a bit of dressing up and the idea of the beloved JB in a tux is always appealing, but this time it was topped by me knowing instantly what I was going to wear. 

Lurking in the back of the wardrobe was lovely taupe beaded number I had bought some years ago in the sale, which had been too good a bargain to resist and here was the ideal chance for it to shine, if you pardon the pun. I tried it on and it fitted like a dream and the only issue was footwear, as the colour was unusual and didn't fit with the normal black, silver or gold evening shoe. So my quest began and I plagued my friends with ideas as my search failed once, twice and three times to find a matching colour. Weeks passed and then panic set in so I thought I would haul out all of my shoes from the wardrobe in the belief that somewhere in there inspiration would be hiding and the Cinderella moment would follow. So I popped on the dress and guess what? Yes, horror of horrors, the stunning but unforgiving cut of this beaded column dress did not allow for an indulgent week in Provence, nor the even more indulgent trip south to see my best chum and Number One Son.The blessed thing would not zip up! The familiar cry went up " I have nothing to wear" and so JB and I hot footed it to Glasgow where I purchased 7 metres of black taffeta, with an amazing ribbon effect edging and I assured my ever patient husband that a gown could be knocked up in no time, to use my Mum's vernacular.

I had a vision in my head of a sweeping off the shoulder number with a big skirt and a tight little bodice( of course ignoring the fact that I no longer have a tight little body to match). Heaven.
What I hadn't of course factored into his week of eager stitching was a full time job, a trip to the Edinburgh festival, nor a hospital visit to a very dear friend who is having a horrid time at the moment. So dear reader I think you may have guessed by now that come Thursday  night there was no gown. Said taffeta can now be found neatly folded in its bag in the fabric cupboard and will wait to see the light of day next time we get to play dress up. As for the party, the LK Bennett's had a great trip out and a good time was had by all. ( oh, I might have forgotten to say I found another gown in the back of the wardrobe! oops).
So after the distraction of the party wear I thought it not a good plan to start a new project so at the weekend I pulled out of the basket a part made project which used a pattern called " Confetti Stars", by Atkinson Designs which I bought The Fat Quarters ( a lovely little shop in County Durham, definitely worth a visit if you are in the area- just ask for Kim)  a couple of years back. This project has been on the go for quite some time and is a scrappy effect from a whole host of toning fabrics I bought on a trip to Canada at least 5 years ago. So long ago that I couldn't tell you the names of the fabrics nor the maker by now. 
I had pieced a large number of squares and now I needed to stitch these in rows. I thought all was OK and and I was pleased with the look, but then I made that fatal mistake we have all made. I got a bit carried away and over confident. As you will see here the pattern was emerging beautifully, but then if you look at the next photo you will see what has happened . Some how I lost the flow and reversed the rows and the mistake did not appear until at least three rows later and the whole pattern fell apart.  So annoying.
all going well

As you may have guessed the next sewing session will involve a lot of unpicking. I have managed to figure out a way of sorting it out without taking out all the rows but really, not a very productive week all at all. No gown and no quilt. Don't you just hate it when that happens...

By the way if anyone recognises any of these fabrics I would love to know what they are called .


  1. I love your blog!! And I love all of your fun vocabulary. You were right; it made me smile! I want to talk, quilt, and sew just like you!

  2. Thank you so much Kristin- I am so glad you enjoyed it as I love reading your blog too. I will be looking out for the odd word or too in the future in your writing. See you here again soon


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