Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bits 'n bobs

Well, we are back from the Games, where I spent my birthday ( thanks to the IOC for going to such lengths to help me celebrate ha ha)  and and I very pleased to say that a wonderful time was had by all.  Hope you have been following the events down in the East End as there have been some amazing moments of sporting achievements, not just for us supporting Team GB , but also for a lot of very talented guys and gals from all over the globe. The UK have now got behind the whole event and the atmosphere throughout the country is electric and such a joy to experience. Absolutely love it.

Another big event last weekend was Number One Son moving into his first real home with the delightful Miss Danni N. No more student hovels for him , but a nice little bijoux end of terrace in the Suffolk countryside. Built around 1850, its a lovely little house that needs a bit of TLC so I think Missy D, who is a furniture designer, will be in her element. To tide them over though we had the obligatory trip to a well know Swedish furniture store to buy the basics, just so they don't end up eating off cardboard plates for the next couple of  months. This was a whole new experience for my boy who likened it to a retail treasure hunt and of course we had to top off the whole thing by introducing him to the weird wonder that is the IKEA meatball. No trip to the store would be the same without a plate of those weird grey but surprisingly tasting little spheres and I had never quite been able to put my finger on what it was that they reminded me of , but my boy got it in one. School dinners. Genius.
Thank you to Aeracura- A Blossoming Life for this funny and i think scientifically accurate diagram
There are certain things that I cannot bring myself to buy though and one of those is pot holders, given the thousands of bits and bobs of fabric sitting in my den needing a home. I don't know what you do with your orphans (I hope that is what you call your left over blocks otherwise you may think I am going slightly mad?), but I regularly transform mine into handy little pot holders. I use one layer of the heat resistant wadding as well as one layer of standard cotton wading in each one, as this gives enough protection, but  is not too chunky like some oven gloves. I managed to stitch 5 whilst watching Andy Murray win Gold this afternoon so they can go off in the post tomorrow.


My favourite actually was not an orphan, but a left over piece of the Koala and Kookaburra fabric with a cheeky little monkey face peeping out of it , which just reminded me of my boy so I couldn't resist. ( Did I say he was 27 - no probably not. I am such an embarrassing parent!)

back views- quite pretty too?

Whilst routling around I found a couple of other pieces that needed binding so have spent the rest of the day finishing them off. I am always surprised at the amount of wee table toppers that are always hiding in that pile of cast off blocks and left overs.

Let me know what you do with all your orphans. I would love to know.

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